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Here is Fashion

6 Tips to make you look taller


Monochromatic color is the single color in its shades will suggest your height

6 Tips to make you look taller


High waist (high waisted) .


The nude color shoes


Choose your shoes in the same color as the bottom clothes


The length that touches the ground



The Magical Skirt That Fits All The Bodies

Every woman must be careful to choose the appropriate cuts for her body style, in order to appear harmonious and elegant,
I will discuss one of the magic skirts stories, which is the story of A line (A line) The story is in the shape of the letter A, as it is suitable for bodies that are full and slim from below, if the lady has full buttocks, this story will hide the fullness as well. If the lady is skinny, it will add fullness to the lower part.
Do not hesitate to have this story, as it is one of the essential pieces that should be in your closet.

How do I choose comfortable heels?

Many women are hesitant to buy high heels for evening occasions for fear that it will be uncomfortable. For my part, I will advise you to choose the heel (Platform) that comes with a thick and high front, as it reduces the height difference between the heel and the front. Do not forget to notice the difference in the distance between the heel and its base, the greater the distance between them, the more comfortable the heel will be, and the more you say, the heel will be painful and uncomfortable when walking.

Glasses suitable for round faces

Sunglasses have become an important accessory for the woman, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate glasses for the face drawing.

Today I will talk about the round face and the glasses that fit it:
A circular face has close measurements, so the length of the face and the width of their measurements are equal or somewhat close and do not have sharp angles, so we will choose glasses that reduce the roundness of the face.

Choose glasses with sharp angles, such as square or rectangular glasses, as their sharp angles will reduce the roundness of the face.

Also, go for cat eye glasses with sharp angles.

Stay away from round glasses, as they will increase the roundness of the face.

Do not forget to take into account the size of the glasses and be proportional to the size of the face, so it is not correct to wear large glasses and your face is small and vice versa.

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