About Us

12 am Boutique specializes in renting luxury evening dresses online.
We are currently based in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. We have provided as many luxury dresses you can rent at any time by using technology instead of the traditional way.
Boutique 12am is your electronic closet that contains the most luxurious brands, to create a unique experience for the investor and renter by saving money.

Vision & Mission

We seek to be the first women's choice to purchase luxury dresses for all occasions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our mission is providing the best and luxurious international brands with complete easy way and at any time.

Renting With Us

Register as a renter and enter your details.

Look through our website and find the right dress.

Pick the rental period, add it to the basket, then complete the payment.

Lastly, you will receive a message confirming your order.

Invest With Us

Register as an investor and enter your details.

Add the dress’s information and a add picture of it.

You will receive a message if the dress was accepted.

The dress get washed and sterilized.

Delivery Process

We deal with great shipping and delivery companies to deliver your orders in all area’s in Riyadh and on the specified time.

Our Care

We deal with on of the best laundries to sterilize our dresses, as well keep them in a
 well suited dress cover that protects it from light and dust.

Sterilizing the dress and removing stains.

Ironing with a steamer at a suitable temperature to keep the dress from shrinking.

Packaging the dress to protect it from dust and light.

Storing the dresses in a well prepared stores with a suitable temperature.
For me today, for you tomorrow!
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Contact With USTalk With Us
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